About Us

The company was established in the late 1990’s out of the need to provide quality products to small businesses and home users at reasonable prices.

We have continued to focus on small and medium sized businesses looking for “best of breed” technology along with reliable support.  Providing the best possible service to our clients has allowed the company to grow steadily into a chosen IT service provider.

Our People

We believes in having have the right people with the right combination of skills and attitude make all the difference. As a result you will find dealing with us will be capable and willing to solve your IT problem.

Why Mighty Micros?

A key difference is our view on IT support. While many IT support companies have thrown out the old “break and fix” methodology we know that not all clients can simply afford to replace IT equipment all the time. This is why we will offer a repair service where it is viable to the client.

We are solely focused on streamlining IT infrastructure and ensuring business continuity, which means we want to put your business needs FIRST. You Could Try This Out order essay uk.