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What does “NTLDR Missing” mean?

NTLDR is the “NT Boot Loader” used by Windows 2000 and XP. If a virus or other malicious script is executed on your PC it

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may affect the section of your Hard Disk that allows Windows to boot. This issue can be fixed by a technician during an onsite visit or by bringing the PC into our workshop.

What causes my Windows XP PC to slow down over time?

Windows operates slower and slower over time as a result of various events occuring over time. The first and easiest procedure to remedy this is to DEFRAG the hard disk. This will “join” all the fragmented files together on the hard disk, allowing the computer to read files faster. Depending on the state of your drive this should yeild and increase in access speed. if you require a technician to assist you further with this matter please feel free to arrange and an onsite visit or by bring the PC into our workshop.

To increase PC performance:

Only have one antivirus application running.
Make sure PC fans are clean of dust.
Run disk defragmenter regularly.
Remove unnecessary startup items. Find More Info customer writing.