CCTV Solution

 We have a 8-camera DVR solution that we install which includes the following:

8-channel DVR
500Gb HDD
18.5″ LCD screen
8 InfraRed Dome or Bullet Cameras
Fully Cabled (up to 200m total length)
Setup on your SMARTPHONE (if internet and phone are compatible)

Price: R8899


Acer PC
Price: R3999


Core 2 Duo
2Gb System RAM
Windows 7 Home Basic
18.5” Acer LCD

order here : email

500Gb Portable Hard Drive
Price: R429

Specs :

order here : email

Other products include:

Our Networking division has been involved in various installations – Specializing in Network cabling; CCTV and Wireless Networking Installations.

We are able to provide a complete end-to-end solution for any business size.

CCTV; Data Solutions installations; Data Cabling; VOIP solutions can be provided in your home, corporate environment, factory, warehouse and outdoor facilities.

CCTV: Embedded and Stand Alone DVR Units; with the capability of Remote and Onsite monitoring; Camera Installations including Day/Night; Indoor/Outdoor; PTZ Capable Cameras; Covert Camera Installations using both coaxial or twisted pair cable – We are able to provide units that utilise covers that resemble motion detector, smoke alarms, or water sprinkler heads; Multiplex units to allow for multiple monitors simultaneously.

Wireless Solutions: For all of the above. Data: Wireless links between buildings; wireless hotspots perfect for corporate environments or relaxing casual areas. Telephone: Connectivity for cordless/handheld SIP Phones. CCTV: IP Cameras; Remote Wireless Viewing.

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